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About Alan Dustin

ALAN DUSTIN is a seasoned financial advisor who has spent twenty-five years guiding Canadian investors to financial success and freedom.  Before becoming a financial advisor, he was an options specialist for one of Canada’s leading discount brokerages. Alan has leveraged his unique understanding of derivatives to his clients’ benefit ever since. In his spare time he has taught derivatives courses to industry professionals at the Canadian Securities Institute and Ryerson...


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"I started to recognize trends..."

"Money isn't everything."

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In the mid-nineties, I had the opportunity to work at one of Canada’s leading discount brokers. I began by working in the firm’s call centre. It was a great place to start my career — the learning curve was exponential, and it created the foundation that I have built the rest of my career on.


If you’re not familiar with how a call centre operates, here are the basics. A licensed representative answers incoming calls from clients as allotted through an automated system. No client is assigned to a particular representative, and, as a result, each rep is exposed to hundreds of investors, each with a different account size and level of sophistication.


As time went by, I started to recognize trends, and I also began to notice certain common characteristics shared by the larger accounts. What was it, I wondered, that contributed to these investors’ success? What did they know that others did not? How were they different?


I observed that the accounts that were much larger than most all held similar stocks. Was I onto something? Some accounts were large, I knew, because of the success of an investor’s outside business activities, such as employment. These investors were important, but I was more interested in the investors who had made their wealth as a result of their own investment choices.


Later, as I developed my skills further, I earned a position in the options queue. It was now the late-nineties, and the technology bubble was just gaining momentum. What I witnessed on the options desk was even more incredible than what I had seen on the equity desk. Millions of dollars were made and lost in those few years. A select few investors cashed out their millions before the bubble burst, but the vast majority ended up losing their gains and having to give everything back. What was it, I wondered, that these few successful investors possessed? How did they know when to realize their profits? Eventually I came to learn the answers to these questions…

This book is about how to make money. “So what?” you may think. “Money isn’t everything.” That’s true. After all, what is money anyway? The dictionary defines it as a medium of exchange, a store of value, a unit of account. However, what money is by definition is not important. On the other hand, what money does for us is priceless. It allows us to acquire what we wish and to live meaningful lives. What does this mean for you? Do you want to go on a dream vacation, buy a home, purchase a luxury automobile, send your child to university, become debt- and mortgage-free, leave an inheritance, give to charity? When you are able to answer this question honestly, you will find your motivation to achieve your goals.


One of the best ways to increase your net worth is to invest. How to Profit from the Next Bull Market provides the keys to unlocking the secrets of successful stock market investing. Every investor knows that the bulk of investment returns are made in a bull market…

ONLY $24.99!


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